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Welcome to the Australian online bookstore.

The purpose of this website is to showcase and recommend books for young adults, but people of all ages are welcome! You can browse the current paperback and ebooks for sale below, and/or check out some of these other pages:

Perhaps you are a budding writer, or just interested in the creative process. Read about the sequence of events leading to the creation of my Prosperine Series of Books, including The Alien Corps, here.

The Golden Age of Science Fiction discusses the lives and works of Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, and HG Wells and features (in my opinion) some of the best science fiction books for young adults and teens still available today.

If you'd like, you can pick up a copy of my free science fiction ebookThe Alien Corps, book 1 in the Prosperine series. This book has already been downloaded thousands of times and generated over 200 positive reviews. You get it for free, no strings attached!

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‚ÄčScience fiction isn't the only genre I want to bring you. In future months, I intend to expand the online bookstore Australia to include books from emerging authors around the world including some great mystery books set in Scotland.

Are you interested in reading books with realistic characters and authentic settings? What about the best book for young adults in the coming of age genre? Small Fish Big Fish is one I wrote myself. Spoiler alert! This books is not for the faint hearted. It does contain some language, violence, and sex. You can get a taste for the the real thing here: young adult thriller books set in Scotland.

Tianyi Chi is one of the key characters in Small Fish Big Fish. You can get a free peek at her story in Guilt of the Innocence. Tianyi is a fifteen-year-old refugee with courage aplenty who's destiny is foreshadowed by events on her journey from China to Scotland. This is a two-part short story. You can read part one here. Part two will be posted in a few weeks.

I am continually updating the online bookstore Australia. My aim is to provide readers with access to the works of great authors from the past as well as brilliant modern books, especially for young adults, so don't forget to check back here next month and see what's new!

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