The Prosperine Series of Books

Book 1: The Alien Corps

Unlike Earth, Prosperine didn't have an extinction event, so intelligent life on the planet evolved differently from any other in our galaxy. The inhabitants look human—more or less—though they do hatch from eggs. It comes as a shock, then, when one of the locals is reported to be performing miracles.

Could this be the one foretold in a 2000-year-old prophecy? Hickory and her team are sent to Prosperine to find out.

When they arrive, the team find themselves embroiled in a medieval war. Things turn even nastier when the Earthlings come face to face with a battalion of Bikashi warriors, a warlike race who have been their deadly enemy since Earthlings took to space travel.

These guys are hell-bent on stripping the planet of its stocks of crynidium an essential ingredient of fuel to enable faster-than-light travel. which takes a nasty turn with the arrival of the Bikashi aliens, hell-bent on stripping the planet of its stocks of crynidium an essential ingredient of fuel to enable faster-than-light travel.

Somehow, Hickory needs to prevent the rebels from taking over the government, foil the Bikashi plans, and find out who or what the miracle worker represents.

Book 2: Rise of the Erlachi

Hickory and her team pay a return visit to Prosperine. There are reports from the Avanauri leadership that a Sword of Power has been stolen from the Temple in the capital city of Ezekan.

The thief is Pharlaxian rebel leader, Sequanna. He intends to take it to the remote land of Erlach anf rally the natives to a holy war against Avanaux.

The Intergalactic Agency can’t allow that to happen. If he succeeds, Earth will lose its franchise to mine Crynidium on the planet, and the metal is a vital component of the fuel that allows faster-than-light space travel.

The trio set out to the northern country of Erlach but misfortune befalls them at each step. Will they reach the capital city of Kandromena? Even if they do, how will three Earthlings conquer the might of the Pharlaxian army? Will they be able to retrieve the sword before the Pharlaxian rebels conquer Avanaux?

Book 3: The Scarf

Word reaches the Intergalactic Agency that the Bikashi enemy has been spotted in the area of Prosperine known as the Scarf.

Not good news, because that's where Hickory left the Sword of Connat, hoping it would never be discovered ever again!  In the wrong hands, the sword would be a dangerous weapon and would even pose a threat to the Earth.

Hickory, Gareth, and Jess are quickly dispatched to the Scarf — a six-hundred-mile band of floating islands and reefs in Prosperine's equatorial region. Covered by swamps and jungle, the area is thought to be inhabited only by insects and lower life forms. But does the Sword now serve a new master?

In the third book of the Prosperine series, Hickory faces her greatest fear, discovers the secrets to Prosperine's past, and unravels the mystery of the Teacher.

Book 4: Fractured Prophecy

The alien known as the Teacher is missing, presumed dead after his spacecraft plunged into the fiery inferno of Prosperine's sun. Hickory is devastated by the tragic loss and has isolated herself in a small town in the far north of Australia.

A tiny flicker of hope he might still be alive takes her back to the Corps for one last mission on the homeworld of Earth's greatest foe, the Bikashi. The truth she uncovers on the enemy planet ignites a fierce new purpose in her heart.

A desperate sprint across an alien landscape reveals both friends and foes. Her assignment is to find the high-tech Sword of Connat before the Bikashi Warlord can harness its power to invade Earth. Innocent lives are at stake. It doesn't seem possible she can save them all and succeed in her mission.

The price of failure is Earth's freedom.