A scifi sword & planet adventure featuring Hickory Lace

Hickory didn’t think she’d ever get back to the field after she messed up her last mission. Now, she’s being told to take her team to an exotic location at the edge of the galaxy. It promises to be a tough and dangerous assignment. Naturally, Hickory jumps at the chance.

As this Sci-Fi adventure begins, our heroine Hickory Lace is twenty-one, unmarried and a lecturer at the Saint Philip Research Academy in Rome, planet Earth. Born of an Italian mother and Irish-American father, she has inherited some of the traits of both cultures: feisty, straight-talking, passionate.

Hickory’s mother died while giving birth to her younger brother, Michael. Her estranged father is Admiral George Lace, head of security in the Intragactic Agency.

At fifteen, our heroine won three silver medals in gymnastics and one bronze in fencing at the Olympics, but within two years she grew 12 inches and became noncompetitive at the elite level.

Yes, she’s a Scorpio (did you guess?)

Hickory Lace was born at 3.00 am on 9 November 2153. That makes her a Scorpio, and just the sort of person to sign up for a sci-fi adventure! Scorpio girls are said to be strong-willed and mysterious. This certainly applies to our heroine. She knows what it takes to achieve her goals and has a magnetic charm that others can’t ignore. 

One of Hickory’s major strengths is her ability to focus. Once she decides on a course of action, it’s almost impossible to divert her from her path. This strength can at times prove to be a weakness.

As a Scorpio, she tackles every mission head-on regardless of how difficult the situation might be, near to home or at the galactic edge. She is intuitive, passionate, trustworthy, and faithful. If you are Hickory’s friend, you know she will stand by you (just ask Jess or Gareth!)
Commander Hickory Lace leads by instinct, which is re-enforced by her empathic skills. 

Physical Characteristics:

For those who like to see the numbers, here they are:

Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 160 lbs
Vital Statistics: 35:24:35
Hair: Long, burnished red
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale due to her Irish genes.
Shape of Face: Triangular


We all want to know those nitty-gritty fashion details, don’t we? At home, Hickory dresses casual: loose jumper tied at the waist, baggy trousers; slippers. At university, she is a smart dresser and strives to appear businesslike wearing her hair tied back, light eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. When on a mission, she wears the Alien Corps uniform unless she needs to merge in with the local population, when she may need a maquillage.


Hickory has a habit of raising her eyebrows, sometimes only one. She enjoys good wine, and good food, but rarely to excess. By the start of the Alien Corps she is fit, agile, and works out every day in the gym. To relax, Hickory plays classical piano, and enjoys rock climbing. Her favorite Sayings are “shape up”, “there are no accidents, only mistakes.” She can however be a perfectionist and is demanding of her team.

If you want to know how the Alien Corps came about, you can read about it here!

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